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Send us your demo:

Hello my dear friend!

If you are on this page, that means that you are interested to join IAMT / Codex label family. You can send us your demo, and we will be happy to release your stuff. Before you send us your tracks please read carefully the following simple rules:

1. We release Techno tracks only. Please don't waste our and your time sending us another genres.

2. Please send us your 2-3 best tracks, don't send us only one you have. The tracks must be mastered or pre-mastered. 

3. We accept only Soundcloud private mode links. Download must be enabled. (Spartaque always tries the tracks in the clubs or festivals before releasing them)

4. If we have listened your demo and did not download it - the demo is free, you can try another label.

5. We will not check the emails with links only. Please spend 5 minutes to describe us who you are and why you want to be with us.

6. The demo tracks must be in mp3 format, and please don't forget to tag your Artist Name, otherwise they can be lost.

If you are ok with the rules, please use this address for your tracks:

IAMT Mastering Services:

Having problems getting signed your tracks to the good labels? Not sure if it sounds good, clear or LOUD? Probably we can help you with this - boost you chances with our mastering service! Ten years of experience, High-End equipment and our excellent reputation - this is what we can provide to you.

To get you track mastered by us please read following conditions:

1. Service fee 40 EUR per track.

2. Wav file must be -6dB, Sample rate 44,100, 24 Bits per sample.

3. Please send us your files using the Dropbox or WeTransfer.


Use the following address with subject tag "Mastering"

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